Height and width adjustable. Starting at just £29.99 perfect for any business small or large!
Screens to protect you:
for the counter
for the floor
for the garden

your complete magnetic sign solution

With a pack of eye-catching promotional prints that snap-on magnetically, the opportunities are endless

The UBIQ Magnetic Display System

One display, many messages...

The UBIQ magnetic display is a highly attractive and versatile system that offers you a quick, easy and affordable way to promote your business.

Through a patented magnetic tile display, you can create a full freestanding display in just minutes. But what’s more, due to our innovative technology you can change your display at anytime – you have literally limitless options.

The UBIQ display systems offer the most flexible approach in the market to displaying your messages. It can be easily changed at any time to give a multitude of advertising messages that will boost interest and generate business leads.

Freestand Displays

A revolutionary technology for freestanding displays. Re-useable, limitless design combinations and no risk of ‘saggy’ displays.

Banner / Billboard Displays

Avoid canvass banners which will deteriorate and lose shape in bad weather by getting a magnetic system that can be reused time and time again.

Wall / Mural Displays

The ultimate in impressive and customisable wall displays. Transform a room time and time again with limitless possibilities using a tile-based system.

UBIQ Systems Limited

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