Banner / Billboard Displays

Avoid canvass banners which will deteriorate and lose shape in bad weather by getting a magnetic system that can be reused time and time again.


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When organisations spend so much money on their corporate image why do they still use poor quality images and poorly constructed, often ‘floppy’ banners to promote themselves? UBIQ has developed two revolutionary approaches to address this problem

UBIQ Flat Rollup Banner​

The UBIQ banner was developed to stay flat in all conditions. 

Why put up with flimsy, floppy canvas banners when we can offer a far superior product?

Dimensions: any size up to 3880 x 1220mm


UBIQ Magnetic Billboard

With the UBIQ Magnetic system you get the best of both worlds; an easy to change display that is solid, flat and attractive at all time. It can be free standing or attached directly to any solid surface.

The UBIQ Magnetic Billboard comes with a pre-printed default image, over which new images can be applied. This allows for a rapid change of message when a campaign ends, without the risk of a blank billboard.

Dimensions: 2240mm x 1220mm

UBIQ Magnetic Roll up Banner​

For use with the UBIQ Magnetic Billboard, these Banners provide the ability to instantly change your billboard message effortlessly and to be re-used.

Dimensions: 2240mm x 1220mm

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